Adhi Boodha Naadhar

The tamil word “Aadhi” means “Source.” This Sāstha is named “Aadhi Boodha Naadhar” or “Aadhi Maha Sāstha” as He is the source from which all other Sāsthas, including Lord Ayyappan also called Dharma Sāstha in Sabarimala. This Sāstha is worshipped with two consorts – Poorna & Pushkala.

He is worshipped in many villages of South, as a protector of their houses and cities. He is also offered prayers to help find missing/lost items. His grace helps us receive rainfall on time, makes our water and land resources fertile and thereby enhancing crop cultivation. It is believed that Karikaala Chozhan, an ardent devotee of this Sāstha won many battles after worshipping Sāstha in Kanchi Kamakshi Amman temple.