Sammohana Sāstha

Sammohana Sāstha is described as the one whose aura is as vast as the moon light. It is for this reason that all the three worlds enchant Him. Entire world is attracted by him and hence the name Sammohana Sāstha. He is worshipped with two consorts – Poorna & Pushkala.

His grace is compared with Amudha Surabhi. He is a gracious lord who blesses us with augmenting conjugal unity. With his holy nama on our lips, our homes and families are taken care of our absence. There are references in Skanda Puranam on Sammohana Sāstha, who protected Indirani during the time when Indra went to meet Lord Shiva leaving his wife Indirani in Sirgali, before birth of Lord Muruga. Sāstha appeared before Indra with his consorts – Poorna & Pushkala on Hairavatham (White Elephant). There is a temple for Sammohana Sāstha in Sirgali, Kaivilanchery. The deity is called Kaividael Appan.