Santhana Prapthi Sāstha

The sankrit words “Santhana Prapthi” literally means blessing to bear a child. He represents Planet Venus and is worshipped to bless us with childbirth. He preaches all Shastras.

His wife Prabhavati has a Maanikka Veenai like Lord Brahma and hence some call him with the name Brahmma Sāstha. This Sāstha is different from other incarnations as he is seen with his child Satyagan.

Mythology says Brahmma Sāstha is the one who offered the Divine Payasam to King Dasaratha when he performed Puthrakameshti Yaaga for Puthra Vrithi. There are references of this Sāstha in Puranas like “Thantra Samuchayam” and “Silparathnam.”