Veda Sāstha

The Sanskrit word “Veda” is synonymous to “wisdom” and represents the four Vedas of Hinduism .He is also called “Simharooda Sāstha” where the Sanskrit word “Simha” means “Lion”. He used Lion as his vehicle and hence the name. He is worshipped with two consorts – Poorna & Pushkala.This Sāstha is named “Veda Sāstha” as he blesses us with wisdom and intellectual knowledge to walk on the Vedic path, which leads to righteousness.

Even now, Ayyanar in Vedikarampalayam, Salem is worshipped as Veda Nayaga Sāstha. The deity is surrounded by four Neem trees representing the four Vedas. As per the Sthala Purana, this Sāstha is born to Siva & Vishnu (Mohini) when they attempted to teach a lesson to Vedic Brahmins in Tharukavanam. He is referred in Siva Puranam.