Dharma Sāstha

He graces us by our merge with the salvation. He eliminates the discomforts faced due to Saturn. ‘Agnyna Pitavasi! Prumatya Pitavasi’. Forgiver of our mistakes, he preaches Knowledge & peace. He breaks the barrier of caste & creed and guides us towards righteousness.

All the Ayyappa Devotees know about this Sāstha abode at Sabarimalai Sannidhanam. Lord Sri Dharma Sāstha was a Brahmachari. However, the origin of Ayyappa, in previous avatars, Sāstha dwells at Kantha Mala with two consorts Poorna and Pushkala, even before his Ayyappa Avatar. We may refer here the avatars of Lord Maha Vishnu – As Parasurama, He was a Brahmachari; as Rama, he was Eka-Patni Vrathan. As Krishna, he did Rasa Leela with Gopikas. Similarly, one of the facets of Sāstha took to Brahmacharyam as Ayyappa. A distinct line is needed between Sāstha and Manikanta.